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June 15, 2010

Lion masseur

Alex,,, is a man who has a very strange hobby ...Was it his hobby? Massaging the Jungle King (lion) in Lion Park, South Africa ............As seen in the picture, how Alex is doing his hobby is to a lion named Jamu (9 years old).
"The lion is also actually very fond of this ritual (as in tickling)", says the man who immigrated from Africa to Oxfordshire's. True, Jamu looks quite enjoy the ritual. Not infrequently also with hairy animal that brake literacy because preoccupation.
According to the animal keepers, having contact with wild animals the key is trust and confidence. He also added that if the proximity with wild animals that can not necessarily be in it.
He needs time to be close very intimate. According to whether the animals could sense an approaching object was to threaten them or not.
"They're pleased tickled and delighted in scratching. This is the best game they love, "he said.

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