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June 11, 2010

Lucky Man

Frane Selak, Escaped from a train wreck of an open sliding door of the plane, bus collision, the burning car fire, two other car accidents, then wins lottery millions of dollars. Luck is always there by his side or vice versa for Croatian music teacher Frane Selak (born 1929), renowned throughout the world due to escape from the many fatal accidents. The first is his near-death experiences with cold starts in January 1962, when it is in train to train DuBovnik suddenly slipped into the cold river killing 17 passengers. He managed to escape with a broken arm, a little scratches and bruises.
A year later, Selak flew from Zagreb to Rijeka, when suddenly the wind blew from the aircraft cockpit, and fly the aircraft door, he fell from the plane. The accident killed 19 people, but Selak was lucky to land in a pile of hay and woke up several days later in hospital view minor injuries. In 1966, he had an accident while traveling in three buses an accident and falls into a river. There were four people killed. Surprisingly, Selak again escaped unscathed. In 1970, Selak driving the car when his car suddenly caught fire. Another lucky he managed to leave the car before the fuel tank exploded. Three years later the Selak car returned fire, fire that had blown from the air vents. This is the most severe anxiety, he lost most of his hair. In 1995, Selak was in Zagreb when he was hit by a bus, again without leaving anything except minor injuries. The next year when he drove through a mountain road, crashed into Selak guardrail  to avoid a truck that came and landed in a tree and his car exploded 300 feet below it. In a surprising turn of events in 2003, winning the million dollar lottery bolt Croatian.

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