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June 19, 2010

Mayan Crystal Skulls

Actually, there is one interesting thing is what I will describe the relationship Mayan calendar with their cultural relics others, namely Mayan Crystal Skulls. But this time, I just wanted to invite all friends to reflect on one thing about this crystal skull ............ Crytal Skull is one of the relics of Mayan artifacts most phenomenal after the Mayan Calendar.
Narrated, when at the time of the past two advanced civilization, Atlantis and Lemuria destroyed by the disaster struck a very intense, there is at least 13 crystal skulls left by the Atlanteans to the derivatives, which survivors of the disaster. The derivatives, which have survived are none other than the Mayan own. As stated by many historians, Maya is derived from The Atlanteans who survived the disaster and re-create one milestone in their place a new civilization managed to save themselves (Regions Mesoamerica / Latin America). Now, the 13 Crystal skulls have been many who disappeared, may have been scattered in various regions of the world. However, there is a great secret hidden in the 13 skulls these crystals. According to some stories that are written sheets to the Mayan civilization humans, if the 13 crystal skulls are combined together, these skulls could have revealed information about our origins and how to avoid disasters in the future. Their ancestors can make them talk, and their jaws can be moved. Now, let us escape from the legend above, Now we're talking about the mystery of the Crystal Skulls others, namely, how to explain, how human civilization past carve these skulls to form a very detailed and perfect? We need to know, using today's equipment is sophisticated and versatile modern, approximately one year required for carved. Not to mention, probably the result of his sculptures are not as perfect as some of the Crystal Skulls original, whether it is the form of it sculptures as well as characteristics that can withstand the shock-shock and geothermal. Then what kind of technology they use to create a masterpiece that is priceless? That is one question that is still difficult to be explained by Scientists until now, what hope do we know that the crystal is a type of characteristics symmetric molecular structure of minerals with a very perfect, so the slightest mistake in cutting and carving against this axis, then the crystal will be destroyed. It's very complicated, although done with highly sophisticated technology.

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