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July 15, 2010

Two Years curled in Public Telephones

A man in China, lived for two years in a public phone booth. Men who refused to mention his identity was also not pleased with other people talked.
Bandao Morning Post reported yesterday, in web.orange.co.uk, this man has a habit of unusual routines. 'Working' at night and sleep during the day.

According to the testimony of the janitor in the building next door, the man was working at night begging for food. In the afternoon, he was falling asleep in public phone box which is only machine-width no more than 1 meter.
With a wide area is very limited, every day for two years, he slept in a curled position. For added convenience, he brought a pillow and make it into narrow spaces such as his own bedroom.

Within a very cramped space, he still provides a bit of area for food boxes. For laundry, drying on the roof.Nevertheless, according to a local janitor, a mysterious man that has a good lifestyle. He included hygiene and washing in public facilities.
"He was wearing tattered clothes full of patches. But he looked clean. It rarely has he looked in the mirror and smoothed his mustache," said the janitor ..Men often speak their own strange with the mirror. But he never spoke with anyone else.

Public phones are transformed into a house located in the busy center of town, Zhongshan Square. Strictly speaking, in the heart of Dalian city. The man had apparently not concerned with the bustle around him.
Local social communities seeking the whereabouts of his family. "But he never talked to anyone. We are very hard to help him," said social worker.

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