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September 19, 2010

Curse of King Tutankhamen

In 1922, a wealthy British man named Howard Carter discovered the burial site of King Tutankhamen's burial site in the Valley of the Kings. There are many valuable relics of gold, goods, and even food are buried in this location.
Since this is a major archaeological discovery, archaeologists many others went to the grave sites Valley of Kings. Immediately after that mysterious things start happening. Many of the archaeologists, who had entered the tomb had fallen ill and eventually died. Preached during the 1920's, more than (merely) two dozens of these people died soon after entering the tomb of King Tutankhamen. The beginning of the curse of King Tutankhamen.

Around the spring of year 1923, Lord Carnarvon (donors of Howard Carter's expedition) bitten by a mosquito on his cheek while shaving. It was causing him an infection and then Lord Carnarvon died, and at the same time all the lights in Cairo in a strange city goes out. That morning when Lord Carnarvon died of his dogs started barking and then suddenly die. Curse of King Tutankhamen began much publicized by the media. Extraordinary news media raises other news emerging. There is one news which states Howard carter dead canary cobra set just after the discovery of the tomb doors.
Many people believe the curse of King Tutankhamen is true, until in 1986 a French physician, Caroline Stenger-Phillip found one explanation for the mysterious deaths of these. Dr. Stenger-Phillip declared the existence of fruits and vegetables in the tomb may causeemergence of organic dust particles. These particles may have had a potential allergen. She also claims that archaeologists suffered an allergy after inhaling any particles that subsequently led to their deaths. She does not believe that the curse of Tutankhamen is the causes of mysterious deaths.
Curse of King Tutankhamen still be a mystery. for some people it is just superstition, but still many of those who truly believe in a curse. Does the curse really exist? Do you believe in "Curse of King Tutankhamen?"

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