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September 13, 2010

Record breakers: Nicolas Luisetti and John Paul Olhaberry levitated above the crowd for 200 minutes

It seems only rotates just walking around, but two twin illusionis this Chilean origin, it shows the amazing abilities of levitation technique for more than EIGHT HOURS. A pair of twins illusionis Chilean origin has broken the world record with levitation techniques to float above the ground for a remarkable 200 minutes.

Nicolas Luisetti and John Paul Olhaberry live events held in the Chilean capital of Santiago, to commemorate the anniversary of the 200th independence of the country. Action levitation performances, this stunning illusionis, had bewitched thousands of passers-by, as they soar above the city streets for more than eight hours.

Looks like they just hold on to the pole with only one hand. But strangely, as very aesthetically in the photo, the twin pairs, flying as high as seven meters above the ground, all the action of this show was broadcast via a giant screen, making traffic jams as many drivers involved was stunned and stopped.

The crowd gathered below, trying to conclude the tricks that are used, and may propose several different explanations for how to find a way so that the twin pairs illusionis, it can perform acrobatics, including the possibility to have some kind of iron rods through their clothing and attached to the poles.

The twins are regarded as the most famous illusionis in this country. The couple has made several television appearances in the past and determined to undertake a more phenomenal further to mark the country's birthday.

Action shows they are the same, with the one conducted by U.S. magician David Blane, who is known for incredible levitation trick. National commemoration established two centuries Chile will take place on September 18.    

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