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September 7, 2010

The world's oldest beer

Divers in the Baltic Sea, managed to find the world's oldest champagne drinks. Divers also found a beer that is believed to have reached the age of two centuries.

Both this liquor, was found in a rubble of ancient ship that sank in the Baltic Sea. A spokesman for the researchers of this ship, Bjorn Haggblom states, if it finds such an old beer bottle last week, while the champagne was found in the Aaland Islands in July.
As reported by The Associated Press on Friday (03/09/2010), Haggblom added, if the researchers who sampled the beer, the taste was very fond of this old beer.But recognition of this Haggblom doubted by experts who doubted whether the Swedish beer old beer is still drinkable, considering that beer is a beverage that can not easily survive long.
Still not clear how old the beer is uncertain. But the sinking ship that brought the beer is believed to originated from 19th century. Haggblom added, the oldest surviving beer can be drunk earlier, recorded in 1869.

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