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October 3, 2010

Spraying perfume

Confused why your perfume does not last long? Maybe you make a mistake when you spray.
Common mistakes in spraying perfume is, to do so after dressing. In addition, there are parts that must be sprayed by perfume for long lasting perfume. Here are the parts of the body and how to use, as quoted from Carefair:

Spray perfume on both the hands (wrists), but do not scrub them after spraying perfume. This would eliminate the smell of perfume.

Spray a little on the neck unless you want to create a scent that is very sharp.

Rear Ears:
Spray a little perfume to the end of the index finger, and dab on the back of your ears.

Between Chest:
Spray a little in this section, the same as when you do it in the neck.

Rear Knee:
Because the scent of perfume would respond better in areas with warm, then the back of the knee is an ideal location to keep the smell of perfume.

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