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May 16, 2010

Antartica Bloody Waterfall

Antarctica has a bloody waterfall?
At first many people thought the red color of the waterfall because the reflection of color from red algae. But when examined again, it turns out this theory wrong. The first discovery was made by a geologist in the year 1911 in a glacier in Antarctica (Mc Murdo Valley).

According to experts, approximately 2 million years ago,,, Taylor Glacier trapped under the water stream that contains a collection of ancient microbes. They were isolated under a pile of ice is very thick, and living without light, heat and oxygen. With such circumstances that a lot of iron in them so as to form a red color like blood.

And this waterfall is due to a crack of glacier subglacial water, which allows the exit, to form a waterfall without polluting the ecosystems therein. The scientists also said there is a possibility something like this could happen on other planets such as Mars and Jupiter.
Fenoma weird like this will continue to be investigated by scientists which would be very useful to the world of science. Fantastic ...........!!

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