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May 16, 2010

Coast's largest indoor

Technology in Japan is not an empty name, because they have incredible technology that has been recognized the world ....
Picture above is one example of the ability of Japan to proclaim their capabilities in the field of technology. They make the biggest indoor beach around the world,,, the community they are really spoiled with technology, so the visitors will be free of sea salt levels, a stable waves for surfing, is not concerned with shark attacks and the sands are hygienic and also water temperature is very stable .........................
wow ,,,,, amazing!

Coast's largest room is located in Japan's Ocean Dome approximately 1200 miles south of Tokyo in Miyazaki, precisely in the southernmost Japanese island of Kyushu Island. This place has an area of 300x100 meters (984x328 feet) and in content with 13.500 tons of sea water salinity. And even more remarkable that, in the artificial beaches have artificial animals fauna and flora that live in the sea. Not only beach in the room are presented there, there is still room to play tennis and golf. To get into this vehicle, have to pay $ 50 for adults and $ 35 for children. Fantastic ...........

Okay all,,,, there may be among the interested reader to visit there:))

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