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May 9, 2010

Cigarette Hazards

There are 4000 + in the cigarette chemicals and gases ... Small form, great result:)

Between 4000 and gas substances, nicotine is the most dangerous. Because nicotine addiction can cause people, a narrowing of blood vessels. In case of narrowing of blood vessels, allowing blood to flow impeded her .. all body organs or important part of the body will lack oxygen because blood flow is not smooth. This makes the heart work harder because they have become harder to pump blood, so high blood pressure and heart would quickly become damaged ..

Besides, there is still the heart of tar, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. Tar is one of the causes of cancer, carbon dioxide is a gas, residual respiration should be immediately expelled from the lungs, while carbon monoxide is a gas that is similar to motor vehicle exhaust fumes,,, carbon monoxide can cause red blood cells is difficult to absorb oxygen so that it can interfere cardiac work ....

There's more of ammonia (floor cleaner materials), hydrogen cyanide (poison who used the death penalty), naphthalene (mothballs substances), acetone (nail cleaner), methanol (rocket fuel), toluene (solvent), arsenic (ant poison ), butane (lighter fuel), vinyl chloride (plastic), the DDT (insect poison) and many other hazardous substances ...

In the world of cigarettes are divided into two categories ... active smokers and passive smokers.
Active smokers are people who smoke directly and passive smokers are those who inhale the cigarette smoke from the cigarette smoke blowing out of the active smokers ...
In this high-risk smokers more passive rather than active smokers ... why is that?
Because passive smoking did not have antibodies from cigarette toxins that will be directly absorbed by the body's inner organs. While the more active smokers have been due to antibodies that smoking cigarettes for years so it can reduce the absorption of toxins into their body ... hence,,, do not go near a smoker ... hehehehe (laughs)

Passive smoking is still the children will be even more dangerous because of their age are still very young who have been hit by toxic smoke, causing dangerous conditions so they will be more vulnerable when you grow up ...
According to the American Cancer Research Center, smokers can reduce the age of 20-25 years as a result of the cigarette, the body's organs will be damaged more quickly and automatically accelerate the process of death ................ . wah,,,, wow,,,, wow .... turns out that cigarette really dangerous!!.

Okay all,,, so once I post today .... hopefully useful and thank you.