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May 10, 2010

Horned Humans?

Have you ever heard of a creature called satyrs? The name is in Greek legend who believe that these beings are creatures half human and half goat, so have the horns ....

But like the picture you can see besides this, is a real man,, just older ... This phenomenon is even more compelling because the horns will grow and grow just in the head (forehead and above) and the average growth in humans who are aged Weird .... go instead?
According to what I read, the horn was originally just a small freckle. But during the first year the small spots grow into horns up to 6 inches .... and on the right side of his forehead even now there are black spots likely will grow into the other horn again ... wow!
Although not known to cause growth of these horns, but little explanation of the horn could help. Indeed there is such a phenomenon is called Cutaneous Horn. Cutaneous Horn is a funnel-shaped growth that occurs normally in the elderly around 60-80s years ....
Although usually only grows a few millimeters only, but if for one reason or another could grow to several inches of skin,,,,
Okay all's,,, got here first, well, hopefully this is meaningless for all readers ..... thx's!

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