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May 10, 2010

Dragon Blood Tree

This tree is its Latin name is Dracaena Cinnabari or known by the name Dragon's Blood Tree ...
Shaped like a dragon but why are not named after a tree dragon?

Here's her story:
This tree was actually named by a professor named Prof.Issac Bayley Balfour in the year 1880.
Shape like an umbrella or mushroom tree and the leaves like a sword, hard and clustered above the tree ....
This kind of trees grow, dry place and can reach 300's years old,,, wow .. fantastic!
This tree was called grim but the red sap like blood that has many functions ...
This tree sap can be used as medicine, dye, varnish and fragrances .... Even after centuries -1, by ancient Roman society, ancient Greek and Arabic gum trees have been used as medicine. Century and at about -18 sap of this tree is used as varnish for violins musical instruments in Italy. Until this very day the sap was the dragon is still used as a violin varnish tools and also the photographic process.
This tree is unique and indigenous trees of Socotra Islands, Yemen. Up-to Socotra island is famous as a producer of dragon's blood ..... steady!
Well maybe the readers all confused, what his relationship tree called latin Dracaena Cinnabari with dragon's blood?
So the dragon's blood tree has a legend,,, in the past (his name is also a legend) at the time, there was a huge snake Basilik (regarded as a dragon). And one day, the snake is fighting with an elephant is very big also ... was to be expected if the two animals fighting the same magnitude would lead to serious losses in both parties, maybe even going to die ...
Now, because of the fighting was so fierce it caused both these animals spend a lot of blood until they die. At that time believed that the blood of two animals have the power of invisibility. So when the two are mixed with animal blood, grow a tree. And that's what trees are considered as the Dragon Blood Tree ..... ooo,, so like that yeah :))

Okay all's,,,, I hope reading the above has benefits for you, well, thank's

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