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May 11, 2010

Pompeii City

Although the rest of the debris, we can imagine how the grandeur of the city in its heyday before (-6 th century BC) which was built by people from central Italy Osci ....
And for now, the city became one of the Unesco World Heritage site which is very prominent ...
Pompeii city,,,, located between the City of Naples and Sorrento City and just north of Mount Vesuvius and look Sarno river flowed .............. really incredible scenery!

At that time, Pompeii was one of the bustling port city, so it is often visited by sailors from Greece and Phoenicia (now Lebanon, the Middle East). Because it then became seizure hectic with the authorities that an age of war. -5 Century BC, Pompeii ruled by people Samnium. The new ruling was later forced style and architecture in accordance with their culture.
In the year 80 BC, Pompeii finally conquered by the Romans ... and by the Roman Empire, the city is re-used as an important port city in particular for the delivery of goods to Rome. Oddly, the city of Pompeii is located slightly protrudes into the mainland ... but first of this city near the coast ,,,,, yes his name is also a port city:)

Because it is situated below Mount Vesuvius, the city is actually formed from the lava flow was directly downstream of the river Sarno. so no wonder Pompeii area has very fertile soil, so famous at that time become an agricultural area. Residents there can live prosperously from the farm from time to time ....
However, beginning in the year AD 62 and 64, citizens of Pompeii tranquility disturbed because the exposed tectonic earthquake shocks, which cause the bay of Naples, including Pompeii severely damaged ....
And after that, on August 24 in 79, Mount Vesuvius erupted is very Powerful. So fierce, an estimated 20 000 people were killed and drowned city of Pompeii and Herculaneum are also City (neighbors). And since then, it seems people no longer knew there are two cities who drowned were buried by the earthquake from Mount Vesuvius.
Only after the year 1938 found the city of Herculaneum and Pompeii in 1948 following the city ... meaning both cities lost during the 16th century ......
Once dug Therefore, they lost the city, which depicts the life of the Romans in the first century. Houses, markets, theater, villas, restaurants, jewelry, paintings and many more just like a city.
Incredible ...... after buried in soil during the 16th century, can still be found in the ruins like the image above. Italy deserves to feel proud because it has a culture and civilization which is so high,,, to the point that its ruins were still considered luxurious by most people ..... Great .. Great ... Great!

Okay all's, the above is not history ... I just want to peel a little bit about the loss of the famous Pompeii City ........................... . hopefully useful yeah, thank you.

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