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May 15, 2010

Beaver Dam...

Experts have stated that the largest beaver dam in the world located in Three Forks, Montana ... with an area 652 meters around the dam.

But recently an ecology researcher Jean Thie discovered through satellite technology and the Google Earth search engine facilities of a large dam area of 850 meters in a remote region of Canada (northern Alberta's Wood Buffalo National Park).
Having researched by experts, the dam is made of stones, mud and trees also are designated by the beaver to shelter from the predators attack and flooding ....

And by the experts predicted this dam began to work from four decades ago were hereditary,,,, such as whether a legacy? hahahahaa (laughs) ..

Beaver will cause the dam to hold back the flood, what about humans?
Should a man can make something better to protect themselves from flooding attacks ....!!

Okay all,,, hopefully useful to the readers!

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  1. Where is this Three Forks beaver dam? I would like to visit the beaver dam whenever I can visit Three Forks, but I would also like to see what this dam looks like in Google Earth. Are any of these questions answerable? Thanks in advance.