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May 15, 2010

The Angel at Moon

Perhaps many are asking, what's great about the statue on the moon ...
But for researchers and who believe in the existence of life beyond this earth, this news is very encouraging. Because with this evidence, can prove that there is life beyond planet Earth.

The statue is approximately 10 inches in size, shape women, long hair and wings,,, then called The Angel ...

The Angels had actually been encountered,,, ie in 1969 by the crew of the Apollo XI moon rocks in ruins ... But the secret by an internal NASA, for fear that people will make a scene. But recently in the leak by a former NASA scientist, namely Dr.Charles.

The most startling of The Angel is the approximate age of the very old, ie about 200,000 years ago. While humans have a civilization around 170 000 years ago .... wow,, amazing!
This is one more evidence that there is intelligent life beyond Earth (months), and of course still a mystery to us all .....

Okay all ,,,,,, hope this post is helpful to all!

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