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June 4, 2010

Conquer Everest With One Lung

Twice escaped from malignant cancer in the U.S. makes a man more convinced that nothing is impossible. With only one lung functioning he successfully climbed Mount Everest, the highest point in the world.

Sean Swarner, born in Ohio, 2 September 1974 Disease diagnosed Hodgin, a cancer that attacks the lymph, when he was 14 years old. Because it has entered stage four, the doctor said he would only survive for three months. Prediction was missed after chemotherapy that she intended to give a positive development. But as has been paired, Sean was diagnosed with cancer back more fiercely 1.5 years later.
This time Sean was attacked Diesease Askin, malignant cancer growing in her lungs. This disease is very rare, only happening at 3 in the 1 million people. Tumor tissue growth experienced by Sean very quickly, and the amount has reached the size of a golf ball in just four months. Sean is expected to survive only as long as two weeks after the tumor was removed. Again it missed estimates. Sean growing conditions improved after chemotherapy and radiotherapy over 1.5 years. In fact, shortly thereafter, he succeeded in winning the 800 meters race.
"The opportunity to live after the second time it's the same with esophageal cancer to win the lottery as much as four times in a row by placing the same number," Sean said while speaking in front of pediatric patients at Georgetown University Hospital, quoted from Foxnews, Thursday (27 / 5 / 2010).
Since then Sean increasingly eager to try out different challenges. He began to climb some mountains, and finally the highest peak in the world he managed to conquer Mount Everest in May 2002. At the top of the Sean hoist a flag inscribed with the names of cancer patients who had recovered from the deadly disease. The flag was intentional on his chest pocket while he was climbing Mount Everest.
"When it feels like to collect all the emotions and feelings you've ever experienced in a small ball, then blow it up. Tears can not dammed again," said Sean ascent recounted the moment eight years ago.
With only one lung functioning, Sean has also successfully climbed the highest peaks in seven continents. This proves that the high spirit can overcome the obstacles of any kind.

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