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June 4, 2010

5-year-old boy has three hands

This five year old child named Rendi Sihurer,,,, if we look at first glance, he looks like any other normal kid ...But when she opened her clothing, it will look, these irregularities in the child on her back .... because this child to grow meat that resembles a hand.Why say so, because there are nails on the ends.
Rendi confessed it does not interfere with the singularity. He also admitted to not feel sick with meat grown on the back. "No pain," she said innocently.

Amazingly, he also did not necessarily inferior to the circumstances of his body. On the contrary, he still fills his days as usual boy his age, like playing soccer on the beach. When playing the ball he was not wearing any clothes, so that the "third hand" appears prominently on the back.
The boy who resides in Bitung, North Sulawesi will feel pain when the "third hand" was withdrawn ...Actually, his father (Faisal Sihurer) desperate to bring her child to the hospital for surgery or medical treatment. But because of inadequate financial condition, the intention could only be buried in the heart. The father is very worried when Rendi grow up, Rendi be embarrassed by such things .....
Come on, there may be volunteers who are willing to help Rendi? Hopefully someone can help .... okay

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