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June 3, 2010

Sand Hotel

Stay at hotels with luxury facilities are common. So, what if staying in a hotel made of sand beach? A hotel beach sand for the first time built on Weymouth Beach, Dorset, England. Hotel guests must pay a 10 pound sterling (USD 181 000) / night ..
Hotel is built with 1000 tons of sand and was done during the seven days it does not have a hotel-style facilities in general. Sand hotel has bed facility is also made of sand, but no toilet facilities. Hotel sand was perfect for travelers who really want to live near the beach.
According to Mark Andersen, the creator of this unique building, the hotel had built a sand
biggest castle's beaches in the UK. "One of the most wonderful thing is that when the hotel occupants had to get up because of tidal water in the morning and destroyed the house of sand," he said with a laugh ... hahahahhaaha ..

come on who is interested ...for the begin, let we see the perform of the sand hotel okay,,,,

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