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June 18, 2010

The discovery of Dr. Takeshi Yamada's The World appalling

Dr. Takeshi Yamada, a Japanese researcher, who conducted the study, a trip that might have surrounded some of the world, find the 10 creatures that stir strange world of science.Okay, we'll see about all the bizarre inventions of the Dr Takeshi Yamada:
One of them is a vampire monkey in China. As we know about vampire, this vampire monkey life, depending on other blood sucking creatures.
The uniqueness of this creature is, most are active in many activities to use his hands like us humans. And this species, believed to be disconnected from the chain of human evolution that is shaped like now. The uniqueness of others, this creature in the same building as a bird nest, with how to weave its web.

Next, the findings of Dr. Takeshi Yamada others, which is not less horrendous giant snails were found by Dr. Takeshi Yamada of the deepest sea. Leg snail-like Chupacabra, therefore given the name Chupacabras Snail.

The next discovery, the largest meat-eating snails in this world. Found in early 2007. And snails also have a deadly weapon, which is toxic, highly lethal.

No less terrible are, blue Merman found on Sado Island. Similar species of lizard or chameleon. This creature is also dangerous on its hands that could expand. When age increases, this star would look like a frog.

This two-faced baby mummy is now in the museum of medicine at Coney Island Hospital.

Then, the discovery of a giant sea dragon. Called the giant sea dragon, found in the seabed Awaji Island. This creature is alleged to have become extinct in the early 20th century.

Two new species of horseshoe crabs, is presumed living prehistoric period around 400 million years ago. Recently crabs are caught by a team of researchers from the University of seabed Higashi Osaka, Japan. Still there are four species of horseshoe crabs are identical to those living 250 million years ago.

The discovery this time is not less strange, human-faced ant. In Indian mythology, believed to be reincarnated ill-natured people into ants. There are lots of ants with a human face found in India more than any other country. One example is owned by Dr. Takeshi Yamada, which is the result of the expedition in 2004. Coney Island Anthropoliogical Institute also has this collection. 

Creature is derived from St. Helena, is alleged to have gone extinct in a few decades ago, allegedly due to the construction of international airport there. Association of Scientists and entomologists observers protested in recent years that caused the extinction of this species. The study, led by Dr. Takeshi Yamada in 2005 to find some new species of giant earwigs. The research is part of the programs at the Coney Island University.

Fiji Mermaid long as six feet mermaid found in Shikoku, Japan. Ningyo called Shinko. Many Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples perpetuate this mermaid as a sacred creature. People come to pray at these places every day.

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