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June 17, 2010

Crop Circle

This mysterious circle, is called Crop Circle ......... Crop circle found in farm fields. For example in the fields of wheat, tobacco and other kinds of fields. Usually found at the time of the harvest season, ie April to September. Crop circle found in England very much, which is in Hampshire and Wiltshire. There is also found in the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, India and other countries.
Crop circle appeared since the 1600s. But new research since the 1980s ... Initially, crop circle just circular course. There are large and small circles. Then, the circles form a certain pattern. Then in the 1990s, crop circles increasingly diverse and complex. For example the symbols of the Aztec.
The size of this crop circle is very big,,, a dozen to tens of meters. Therefore, only seen from the sky. Wow,,, would make it a long time. Well, that's the mystery ... The farmers and eyewitnesses said, a day earlier, the circle does not exist. But the next day .... ting,,, the rings were there!
How does the origin of this crop circle? There is a guess, if the harvest cycle, created by aliens. It was seen from its form, similar traces spacecraft landed. There is also a saying, crop circle is a natural phenomenon. For example, the vortex of winds that bend the plant so as to form a specific pattern. Perhaps also, there is strong energy emanating from the earth in the soil, namely heat and magnetic energy.
Apparently,,, there are people who claim to make crop circles. They made it just for the fun of it .. fantastic! Two people could make hundreds of crop circles. Crop circle makers deliberately made at night, so as not to be seen by people. Then, they walked in the path of the tractor, so that their footprints are not lasting. A major UK TV station, had asked them to practice how to make crop circles. Currently, many companies are asking them to create a company logo on the farm. Eg Hello Kitty logo.
Maybe people can make a circle of harvest, but there is also expected that was not created by human ... mysterious!

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