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June 16, 2010


Tinamaou is one of the animal groups of birds that reside in these forests, shrubs, and grasslands in southern Mexico to southern Argentina.There are more than 30 types tinamaou, and everything is included in group Tinamiformes Tinamigae family. Tinamaou shape is very confusing, because someone said that they form as quail, partridge and grouse. There are even some who say they resemble a form of ostrich, like Rhea of South America.
But their bodies are certainly small, beak that can cut very deep, small and rounded wings. Their body length ranges from 20-53 cm, with short legs and tail. Color of their feathers are mostly brown and gray and decorated with scribbled complexion or freckles.
Nest for the children they are made of tree twigs are ground and made very strong so that their children safe. Their eggs have a variety of colors, there are green, yellow, blue or brown purplefish. Usually the eggs are removed ranged from 1 to 10 seeds. And that incubating the eggs is the duty of the male tinamaou ..........
Tinamaou very seldom run or fly to avoid danger ... most of them bow body (away from danger), because when running or flying,,, they will very easily tired ...

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