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June 2, 2010

Draco sumatranus or Common Gliding Lizard.

Dragon ...Is there really a creature named like that? It seems that name is very closely related to fairy tales ...But how about if there are animals with a form that resembles a dragon, but has a much smaller size ....
Introducing: Draco sumatranus or Common Gliding Lizard. From its Latin name, we know that this creature was called the Dragon Sumatra by scientists. Although called a dragon, this creature is actually a lizard which has the shape of the wing skin on both sides. 

These beautiful animals can be found on the island of Sumatra and is a wealth of fauna of Indonesia that has no beat. Sumatra addition, these animals can also be found in Borneo, Malaysia and Singapore. Generally, he lived in a tree. But when they wanted to lay eggs, the females will fall to the ground.Both the skin on the body can function as a wing that helps lizard jumps from one tree to another. Unfortunately (or fortunately) this creature has the body size of about 9 cm with a tail slightly longer than that.
Wow ... the dragon, there is a miniature of her,,,, fantastic!

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