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June 2, 2010

Son of Thunder

Roy Sullivan was a Virginia Forrest Rabger which has incredible attraction to lightning or rather have a charm against lightning. During the 36-year career as a ranger, he was struck by lightning seven times and survived each time caught.
When lightning strikes to get the seventh, he listed himself in the Guinness Book of World Records:

In the year 1942, was first struck by lightning on legs and large nail.
In 1969, the second attack made her eyebrows on fire and made him faint.
In 1970, he was struck by lightning again and make a torn shoulder.
In 1972, his hair on fire and soak his head to cool it.
In 1973, lightning snatched back by ripping off his hat and set fire to his head and tossed it out of the truck and damaging his left shoe.
In the year 1976, making her injuries at the ankle.
In 1977, the last stroke that took him to the hospital premises chest and stomach burns.

His wife was also caught once when suddenly a lightning struck her when she and her husband were drying clothes in the backyard. On September 28, 1983, Roy died at the age of 71 years, reportedly was shot by a shotgun rifle that had nothing to do with lightning. Fantastic...............!!

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