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June 6, 2010

Giant star to be born

A giant star candidates with far greater mass than the sun in this solar system is growing in a bubble of gas. Images are recorded by the embryonic star Herschel telescope belongs to the European Space Agency (ESA).
According to BBC television pages, May 6, 2010, image of gas bubbles, called RCW 120 was released a few days before the first anniversary of the launch of Herschel telescope into orbit. ESA's Herschel telescope launched on May 14, 2009.
Herschel's infrared detector capable of seeing low-temperature material that could give birth to stars. Image as RCW 120 will help explain how the process of a massive star is formed.
Candidates for giant stars in the telescope image looks like a white blob on the lower edge of the bubble. The embryo was estimated to be grown into one of the biggest stars and the brightest in the galaxy in the hundreds of thousands of years.
Candidates for the giant stars have a mass of about eight to ten times greater than the mass of the sun, and surrounded by so much material.
When more gas and dust falling on the star, the object's potential to become one giant object in the Milky Way Galaxy, and will affect the surrounding environment.
"This is a huge star that control the chemical and dynamic evolution of the galaxy," explained Herschel scientist, Dr. Annie Zavagno, from the Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Marseille.
"This is a huge star that created heavy elements like iron and these elements will be in interstellar space. And since big stars end their lives with a supernova explosion, they also inject great energy into the galaxy, "continued Zavagno.
Herschel has a unique capability that is able to see the physical processes that can not be done other telescopes. Hubble telescope for example, can not see in detail as generated Herschel.

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