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June 30, 2010


Harajuku (原宿?) Is a popular designation for the area around JR Harajuku, Shibuya District, Tokyo. This area is famous as a place young people gather. The location covers around the Meiji Shrine, Yoyogi Park, shopping centers Takeshita Street (Takeshita-dōri), the department store Laforet, and the Yoyogi National Gymnasium. Harajuku is not an official designation for the name of the place, and are not included when writing the address.
Around the 1980s, Harajuku is home to a subculture Takenoko-zoku. To this day, groups of young people dressed in weird can be found in the area of Harajuku. In addition, school children from different corners of Harajuku in Japan often put as an objective study tour during a visit to Tokyo.Actually the term "Harajuku" is used only for the area north of Omotesando. Onden is the name of the area south of Omotesando, but the name was not popular and is called Harajuku participate.

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