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June 23, 2010

Glodok fish..

At first glance, many people will think that if this creature is a type of frogs ... But the truth is they are the types of fish, which many found in mangrove forests. Despite their long-only range of 12 cm and its color and hue they are not as beautiful as Nemo, but they have many advantages not shared by other fish. They can climb trees, take a walk in the mud, and they can stay alive even though not in the water. How might have fish that can live on land? This fish when the water will use their gills to breathe, and if want to go to the mainland they will develop their gills, and will be filled with oxygen and water as much as possible. Oxygen will maketh provision for not being in the water, and they also must be able to keep their gills and throat to keep it moist. And another thing, they can also breathe with their skin while in the mainland. Fantastic ....
Look,,, their pectoral fin, very like the shape of the foot. With fins closely resembles the foot of this, they walk on land / sand. Each time running, they will throw their bodies that will be followed by the rear of their bodies. Palmyra power they can leap up to 60 cm away .. When will climb a rock or a tree, they will rear their fins clamped, glued in place to climb by them. This type of fish is not a good swimmer, and they prefer to walk or even jump, to adjourn.
Glodok fish (a fish names), also an expert in digging holes. They dig holes with their mouths. So if the water is being put, they will soak in the hole. And if the water was receding, they will leave a hole for a walk and look for prey. So they dug holes in fact, they made like a home for them. Hole will be dug by the male which will also be used by the females for breeding, and also shy away from danger.
Their eyes are prominent also have the privilege ... Both their eyes were like a periscope, which can rotate in all directions. Even their eyes that can move independently. If one was looking towards the left, at the same time which can be seen towards the right side. Their diet consists of small algae, small fish, small shrimp, small worms, and also sometimes they can eat crab that has a hard shell leather .....

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