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June 7, 2010

Kevin Richardson and The Wild Animal

The lion cubs, who have been raised by their parents rather than by humans, albeit in captivity, tumble around with Richardson, seeming to accept him as one of their own.
Responding to the criticism that he could be interfering with nature, Richardson countered "we interfered with nature the day we put these animals in enclosures."
He said he is simply trying to "promote a better life of animals in captivity".
The lions are free to roam around the extensive estate, and Richardson has never tried to coerce them with food treats or weapons.
Indeed, Richardson is the only human able to play with the lions and he appreciates his own vulnerability.
He is fully aware that the lions could easily kill him, but said it is not something that worries him.
"If I had the opportunity to come back after dying, I would do it all the same," he said.

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