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June 8, 2010

Monkey Waiter

Japanese businessmen are very creative ...In times of global crisis is prolonged, a restaurant in Japan employs well-trained monkey (as servants) to serve the guests who come to visit. With the existence of such attractions, the restaurant has a uniqueness that want to watch by the visitors. Many who want to watch mean crowded visited the buyer,,, and also more and more automated income .......................This monkey waiter in the call Yat-chan (female) and Fuku-chan (male). They are all highly trained, including welcoming every guest who came and escorted her to a seat. After that they will serve the foods your message. After eating, they'll bring you hot towels. Incredible!
No need to wonder, though Kayabukiya lies far inland, 60 km from Tokyo, all the people from across Japan, come hither. Therefore must be booked once if you want to go there.
One of the guests said, "Although the style of wearing a monkey costume, the servants have desires and elegance like the French waiter at fancy restaurants."

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