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June 14, 2010

The smallest orchid

The smallest orchid in the world with only 2.1 mm wide, petals transparent and one cell thick. These orchids of the genus Platystele types, most of which are made as miniature plants.
American scientists discovered a super-small flowers that, by coincidence between the sidelines of the roots of plants he had collected from nature reserves in the Andes east of Cerro Candelaria.
He said: "I saw on the sidelines of the roots are small plants which I know is more attractive than other large orchids."
'By considering the interest is often the best way to identify different species of orchids that you observe, and be able to recognize whether you're observing a species not known or not. "
As reported the Daily Mail, this is the discovery of new orchid species to 60 from Dr. Jost in the last ten years.
He worked at the Institute EcoMinga Ecuador, as a provider in partnership with the World Land Trust in England.
"It's nice to be able to find this new species," he said.
'People think all the species have been found but in fact there are many more that must be explored. "
More than 1000 species of orchids have been found in South America in the last 100 years, since a number of new roads have been opened in remote areas.
The discovery of Dr. Jost's most impressive is, a group of 28 species of orchids teagueia genus in the mountainous region near Banos, Ecuador.
The group had previously estimated that only six species. (Erabaru / Daily Mail / voice)

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