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June 13, 2010

Water Lilies/Nymphaea lotus

Most small lotus flower in the world, which is known to have disappeared from their habitats in Africa, was saved from extinction. Experts from the Royal Botanical Gardens Royal Botanical Gardens Kew or Kew, England, are seedling of the lotus flower.Plants are very small - just one centimeter in diameter - known as water lilies that "bloody hot". Latin Name Nymphaea lotus is the smallest thermarum. Flowers that grow in fresh water in the spring.
Lotus flower was first discovered in 1985 in Mashyuza, Rwanda. Two years ago, the interest disappears when the water is there used for agriculture.
Professor Eberhard Fischer, who discovered this species of Nymphaea thermarum sent some specimens to the Bonn Botanic Gardens, a horticultural research center.The seeds were then treated with caution and sent to the Royal Botanical Gardens Kew and was initially grown as other lotus plants, submerged in the water but fail to grow and develop.
But after several trials with various conditions, horticultural experts, Carlos Magdalena, finally solved the mystery of how to make a small lotus, so they can grow.

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