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June 12, 2010

The most Deadliest caterpillar

In the southern Brazilian rain forest, there Lonomia worm - dubbed the clown "lazy" from the world of insects. Unfortunately, like "The Joker" from the Batman series, there's nothing funny about this worm. Simply brush your hand against the creature's fur thorn, can cause massive internal bleeding, kidney failure, and hemolysis.In other words, touching at the same time (as is common) is the same with death. Even worse, caterpillars are considered "vague" and easy to blend with tree bark. So even if you're trying to find them, you may not see this malicious worm. In fact, there are several deaths each year caused by Lonomia.Even more amazing was that the toxic dose of "the lowest median lethal" poison in the world - that only a small per-minute than the bite Lonomia had a dose of lethal toxin 1000 times more powerful than snake bites .... If there is one point bright, it appears that Lonomia only for two-three months every year. I can not find - so do not touch anything in the South Brazilian caterpillar ..........!!

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