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July 20, 2010

Adam's Bridge

Adam's Bridge or Rama's Bridge is often called is one of the "Mysterious Places in the World's" chain of limestone is artificial (not because of natural events) between the islands of Mannar, near northwestern Sri Lanka, and Rameswaram, on the southeast coast of India. Hindus believe this bridge was built by Rama incarnation of Lord Vishnu to rescue Sita who was abducted to Lanka by Ravana, as written in the Ramayana. Many inscriptions, coins, old rover manual, reference the old, old religious maps indicate this structure is considered holy by Hindus.

Mysterious ancient bridge along the 18 miles (30 km) which connects between Manand Island (Sri Lanka) and Pamban Island (India) is estimated to have 1 million years old.
Satellite image of Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka, showing the Adam's Bridge reef, a remnant of the land bridge extreme Between Peninsular India and Sri Lanka. [Satellite image courtesy: NASA, Visible EarthThe bridge is named the "Vanara Sena" or the NASA called it Adam's Bridge reap a variety of estimates related to the age and history of the bridge.
Hindus believe Adam's Bridge is closely related to the Ramayana epic in which mentioned the bridge was built by Rama and his allies, the ape-man, who helped the Gods to help Rama to reach Sri Lanka to rescue his wife, Shinta, from the giant king, Ravana.

While Sri Lanka Archeology Department said Adam Bridge age ranged from 1 to 2 million years. While archaeologists and geologists as well as the Center for Remote Sensing Team who examined the bridge to the conclusion that Adam's Bridge was only a natural phenomenon which is only about 3500 years ago.
Even so, the NASA issued a comment to the contrary. That there is no strong evidence that Adam's Bridge is made by man but only an experienced group of islands that form a chain. Even Nasa too, stating that by using Remote Sensing and imaging from space does not provide information about the originality and age of the bridge. Added also no evidence of human presence in the vicinity (subcontinent) India more than 350,000 years ago.

The image of Rama's Brige itself very easily visible from the top surface of the sea water because it was not too deep, that is just as deep inundated approximately 1.2 meters (if the sea water is receding).Status of the bridge is still a mystery to this day, according to the interpretation of experts, reasonably be expected to Rama Bridge is very closely related to the famous Indian epic, the Ramayana.
Indian Archeology Department has issued a statment mentioning the age of Rama Bridge may range between 1 million to 2 million years, but if the bridge is actually formed naturally or is a masterpiece of human, that they could not explain.

SUDeraniyagala, Director General of Archaeology in Sri Lanka that is also the author of the book "Early Man and the Rise of Civilization in Sri Lanka: the Archaeological Evidence" say that human civilization has emerged in the Foot of Mount Himalayas around 2 million years ago, although according to the historian of civilization The earliest civilizations in mainland India is the nation of Ca, it is not a guarantee that there is a civilization older than they were before.

Scholars interpret, that perhaps this ancient bridge was built after the Indian mainland Sri Lanka are separated by millions of years ago.In the epic Ramayana, the bridge was built by the ape-man army under the supervision of Rama. The purpose of the construction itself is, as the ferry headed Affairs of Lanka, in a mission to rescue Dewi Shinta, which at that time, Dewi Shinta is in the abduction by the King of the Kingdom of Lanka, Ravana.
Epic Ramayana, according to Hindu calendar should be in the Tredha Yuga (according to the evolution of disc Hindu / Hinduism on the Epic disc is divided on the Sathya (1.728 million years), Tredha (1.296 million years), Dvapara (8.64.000 years) and Kali (4.32.000 years).Present stage is the time according to their calendar. Means according to Epic, the age of Rama's Bridge range from 1.7 million years


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