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July 20, 2010

Tianzhi Hotel

During this time, we know the hotel building in the conventional, but it's different with this one hotel building. A hotel in China, Hebei province, specifically in the town of Yanjiao. There is a hotel building which is very funny, unique and creative. Why can be called that? Try to see the picture below:

Picture above is Tianzhi Hotel building. The hotel has a different shape of the building with another. Hotel buildings shaped the character of religious teachings of the Tao. The three were known by the name "Fu, Lu and Shou." The third meaning of the character's name is Luck, Prosperity and Longevity.

Building Hotel Tianzhi, intentionally resembles the Taoist teachings of the three figures, it is hoped will provide a positive effect for our guests who stay, and also to attract tourists. Reportedly, the hotel also received an award from the Guinness Book of Records....... 

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