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July 21, 2010

Big is Beautiful..

In many countries, identified with the slender beauty, not the case in Mauritania. In a country that is located in northwest Africa, precisely contrary to the prevailing tradition is so rooted: big is beautiful. The magnitude of body size of women showed their love to the husband.

However, there is a thread that connects leblouh-thus it is called in Mauritania tradition with trend-slenderness. Namely, women are equally tortured. Diet to be lean can cause bulimia, whereas to get fat quickly, the women in Mauritania are forced to consume food and beverages in the levels of out of bounds. If then they throw up, vomit must be swallowed.

As reported by The Guardian, leblouh, in fact has been omitted for years. However, since the return of the military junta to rule the former French colony of Western countries last year, the old tradition was turned on.

Mint Aminetou Ely, a women's rights fighter, said that the tradition associated with early marriage culture. In the interior areas of the country has a population of approximately 3.3 million Muslims, the old girl, five, seven, and nine years of forced marriage is common. Now, before met with a prospective husband, they were forced to undergo ritual leblouh.

The young girl who will undergo leblouh, separated from her family to take to a place of "fattening". There, they will be raised by her aunt or grandmother. They were fed rice and drinking camel's milk and water with the jumbo. Within a day they are required to eat two kilograms of rice mixed with two cups of butter and 20 liters of camel milk.

"In Mauritania, female body size reflects how broad she occupied the hearts of her husband," said Mint Ely.

According to the Mint Ely, who is also chairman of the Association of Women Heads of Households, back leblouh development was a setback. "Actually, we already have a minister of women affairs. Quota of 20 percent women in parliament has been met. We also have a diplomat and governor of women.  

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