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July 14, 2010

Expenditures for cosmetics

Female Saudis every year spends about 5 billion riyals (around 1.5 billion dollars) in cosmetics and skin care, which makes the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia became the country's largest cosmetics consumer in the Middle East.

Aljazeera newspaper reported that approximately 64 cosmetic manufacturers in the country stood the Saudi kingdom.
And consumption volume of Saudi society, especially women in general, for cosmetics, Rashad said: 'The categories for the young Saudi woman to spend at least 14-18 thousand Riyal per year in buying cosmetics for personal consumption. "
Rasyad explain that to the size of the Saudi market in buying cosmetics is about 4 billion riyals annually. And that is not to spend 'the streets' Saudi tourists abroad.
Meanwhile, the newspaper estimated that tourists from Saudi Arabia spent about 45 billion riyals (12 billion U.S. dollars) per year, only to tour abroad.

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