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July 13, 2010

Water Village in Holland

We may be familiar with one of the cities in Italy, Venice is often referred to as 'water city', and which we will discuss here is about one in holland village area which is very similar to the forms and procedures for cities like Venice-Italy, so-so we call these settlements as 'water village'. Areas classified as lowland is so delicious to the eye, the heavenly scent parted among the shady trees. Away from the noise, away from pollution, the river flowed around a small village that clear.

Life in this area so comfortable, so that the faces of its inhabitants can be seen beaming smile, could be a result of their settlement that can be said heaven world, their society was so compact to not use motorized vehicles, so we here will not see any cars and bikes motors, they are the means of transportation, small boats that are simple, if taking the path on the ground it would seem some people just walk or bike.


According to some of the information society in this township, as much as possible to use household items very least of the causes of pollution, therefore it is said to be Perfected settlement of beautiful and clean ..... incredible!

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