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July 13, 2010

The first earth creatures

The discovery of this one is also astonishing to scientists, how is it possible, because with this discovery could change the structure of the history of who the first to inhabit this planet, as is generally known to many people, according to the findings of the living creatures 600 million years ago.
These creatures, which form multicellular life 2.1 billion years ago with the discovery in the area of Franceville, Gabon. This discovery revealed the hard work of the Laboratory Hydrologi, Argiles, Sols et Alterations University de Poitiers, led by El Abderrazak Albani.

The scientists gave the picture, that's life these creatures occur in the Proterozoic era, between 3.5 billion year timeframe - six million years ago. Although still little information about the current situation of the time, but scientists believe that if there was an increase in the concentration level of oxygen in the earth and multicellular creatures live in shallow seas (20-30 meters).When an increase in the level of oxygen in the earth, there was a storms, ocean tides and other disasters are in fact more favorable formation of a new specimen in shape and larger size (such as bacteria, viruses and parasites) that they change themselves estimated at 0.6 billion years ago.

To find the fossil findings, they use Microtomograph X-Ray, a kind of very sophisticated tools that are able to map out the fossils had been 2.1 billion years of sedimentation.
Known, that these creatures colonize living, where the invention shows in the area about two feet square was found allegedly creatures first inhabitants of this earth.

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