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July 13, 2010

Spartan life

Do not ever feel like trying, though see the reality of life that we face extremely difficult. Hard life often make people feel hopeless, and even deny anything that God has given us, though often a gift from God is not in accordance with our desires.

Although her condition is very difficult because the illness, these women still face the tough realities of life

At least that's the main message to be conveyed in a post this time. How, after seeing a photograph of a woman in Thailand, we seemed to be reminded to stay strong and optimistic in this life, even as difficult as anything. This is a photo of a mother whose face was badly damaged by the attack malignant tumors (neurofibromatosis).

Although malignant tumors are up to now, still lodged in her face, and this woman did not know what the end will be like the story of her life journey, but optimistic attitudes still exist in her. Circumstances that make all of this. Want to seek treatment there is no cost, to continue to survive while they should still get a refund. And this woman would not stand idly by mercy of others by asking requested.
Are we not ashamed to see how this brave woman, often we complain to the condition that we suffer and despair, when she was still tough to face the reality of life is very difficult to keep trying.
For her,,, life must still be lived, as difficult as any. This woman is trying to sell snack cakes every day, even though no light burden she had to feel pain because of her illness. Let us give a prayer at this woman and may God provide healing and the best way for her, good endurance and patience as well as easy on herself. 

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