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July 16, 2010

The Moscow Piramid

The appearance of a giant pyramid in the air across the state Kremlin Russia, Russian citizens appallingly. Giant pyramids rise to speculation that the object is a UFO spacecraft. The witnesses who witnessed the flying object to compare with the ship Empire (Imperal Cruise) in the movie Star Wars. They estimated the width of the object to reach one mile.
As published in the Telegraph, two videos depicting a strange object that has been played repeatedly in television show in Russia. One moving picture is taken at night from a car, and one video in the daytime. Both video show made for amateurs. The plane reportedly hovered for several hours on a red field in the Russian capital. Impressions 'alien invasion' has also become the most sought after images in the Youtube search pages in Russian. The Russian government is not identifying the form of aircraft. Word got out, it was a UFO, but the Russian police declined comment.
Nick Pope, former Ministry of Defence UFO analyst said the emergence of a giant pyramid is one of the most bizarre UFO video. "At first I thought it was just a shadow. But it was seen moving back and have the power. The incident was broken shadow theory," Pope said.
Spokesman magazine Jane's Space News says it does not know these types of floating objects.

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