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July 17, 2010


In the study of a bitch - demonology - there are demons who reportedly likes to have sex with human. Succubus (female demons who have sex with men) and Incubus (demon men who have sex with women). Reportedly, succubus and Incubus, very beautiful and handsome, hard to be rejected so that the victim will fall into their embrace.From the African continent, Zanzibar, there are real stories about Popobawa.
Popobawa is, vicious form of one-eyed male dwarf (cyclop), bat-winged, pointy-eared, sharp claws, and big penises! (Good for woman, hell for men). Popobawa real name, means human bat. Popobawa referred to as the gay version Incubus - male demon who have sex with men.

Many men reported being raped Popobawa. The last incident occurred in 2007.
Mjaka Hamad is the 50th man, who became the victim Popobawa. The event occurred in 1995. Many will doubt this story, but the family Mjaka be a witness. This recognition Mjaka:

"I can not see it. I can only feel. But some of my family, can see it, all the fear, They screamed Huyo! Who means Popobawa has come. My chest pain, because it was occupied by popobawa. I do not believe in spirits. Maybe that's why he attacking me. He attacked those who did not believe him. "  

Mjaka just one victim of the many victims of men who claim Popobawa sodomized. Zanzibar hospital was flooded with patients. Average has a bruise on the chest (rib fracture) and bruises. Residents are afraid to sleep indoors because Popobawa just raping the man who sleeps on the bed. Non-Muslim men use lotion from pig fat that could not Popobawa gripped their bodies.
Popobawa can not see the eyes. Signs of his arrival could be guessed from the sound of claws on the roof along with strong scent. Popobawa can only be seen by the victim who showed no fear. That said, pointy-fingered man, he is the incarnation of Popobawa.

Popobawa most annoyed to know that there are men who do not believe that he is real. Resentment that will be issued, with raping the man for hours until he was cured. Victim was also forced to tell the rape incident at his family and friends. If not, Popobawa would return to rape her.
According to legend, Popobawa is a genie who strayed onto the road demons. There was a sheikh of the Arab, who was angry with his neighbors. Then he took off his genie to terrorize them. But then the genie was out of control and turn into Popobawa.

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