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July 18, 2010

Rose after eight years dead

Fokers, hundreds of people willing to walk away to the village Hluleka in Transkei, South Africa,,, just to hear the story of a minibus taxi driver who claimed back from the dead, eight years after he was buried. The facts are still mysterious how Nkosinathi Ntsente (39 years) who were shot to death in 2001 and was buried by the audience to be found wandering aimlessly in the village.

Ntsente itself, tells a story filled with mystical flavor to create a bigger question mark. The story "Resurrection" Ntsente spread like forest fire that burned throughout the Transkei to attract the general public came to his house.
From early morning until late afternoon, he kept repeating his story how he was forced to survive by drinking human blood, corn and wild berries as long as he lived in the forest. "I'm tired of telling the same story throughout the day." He said. Ntsente believed shot dead in 2001 when the noise occurs involving taxi associations border.

Ntsente said that the shooter was in a white minibus taxi, and he claimed that he witnessed all the events. "During the shooting incident, I saw myself standing on the other side of the road menyerupaiku witnessed someone being shot right in the forehead, right knee, stomach and back."
Ntsente later said that "duplicate" his badly injured taken to hospital St. Barnabas in Libode. "I see these people dying and dead. His body was taken to the hospital morgue where he was autopsied to put into the refrigerator. "Ntsente even said that he also witnessed his funeral procession.

Ntsente later said that on the day of "death", he was kidnapped by four wizards into a dark forest where he met many other people who also kidnapped. "We only made to drink blood and eat Izinsipa (a type of corn) and wild berries. I was liberated by the witches after they told me that I was too strong to be influenced to do evil. "Ntsente story.

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