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July 18, 2010

Bermuda Triangle

Here is info about the Bermuda Triangle and the hallway when Satan. Many mysterious places on Earth, but the Bermuda Triangle or often called the 'Triangle of Satan' - the area in the Atlantic ocean - still considered the most haunted. Bermuda Triangle is the area within an imaginary line connecting the territory of Bermuda, Puerto Rico, and Miami.

 A 80-year-old grandfather of Bermuda, William Gillies has just issued a book entitled "Reefs, wrecks & Relics - Bermuda Underwater Heritage 'or' Reef, wreck, and Relics - Bermuda Underwater Natural Heritage '.
In his book, recounts Gillies dive into the Bermuda Ocean. As published The Royal Gazette, Wednesday (28 / 4), though no longer possible to go down into the water, but his memory about his youth as a treasure seeker in the wreck, has not disappeared. "With the dive, I know the Bermuda ocean resources," he said.

One of the first memory about the sea of Bermuda is the event of a sinking luxury liner Spain, Cristobal Colon in the region of North Reef, October 25, 1936. When the ship was sinking, Gillies was six years old.
Gillies began his dive in 1965, when he was 35 years old. The discovery of a bell from an old ship that sank his passion for diving trigger, and the search for the remains of a sunken treasure on the seabed. Interesting objects in the sand, and about the wreck he often found. For example pieces of old lamps, whale oil as fuel.

Sometimes he and his diving companion, found fragments or pieces of pottery or porcelain. Some of the pieces that she reconstruction using fiberglass and resin. Some restoration work of Gillies is now on display at the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute (BUEI).
Gillies acknowledged some mysterious object. For example, he found a rusty pipe in a wooden crate stored in a sailing ship, was destroyed and sunk in the early 1900s. There is another group of kristan-shaped object, a small ring-shaped. "It may be used to decorate the dress of a woman," he said.

Gillies experience much of an impression of horror Bermuda Triangle. It was also felt by local communities. The Royal Gazette, in 1992, never ran a Bermuda resident's anger at a cell phone ad that boasted, with its product, people can still communicate, though 'lost in the Bermuda Triangle'.
"This will kill the Bermuda tourism. We should sue these people," said tourism entrepreneur, RJ Zuill, at that time. People who saw the ad says to his wife, they would never go to Bermuda because of the specter of the Bermuda Triangle.
 "It's very silly. Ships and aircraft through our area every day and no matter what happens," he said. Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle first popularized in the 1960s, including the book "Bermuda Triangle'', who authored Mr. Charles Berlitz. The belief of the evil forces in this region spreads throughout the world.
This belief prompted many ships and aircraft, which disappeared mysteriously in the Bermuda Triangle. The first unknown is the sinking of HMS Rosalie, in 1840, until the loss of Freighter Genesis ship, after sailing from Port of Spain to St Vincent in 1999.

The most famous is, the loss of Flight 19, which consists of five naval bombers belong to the United States. This aircraft was last seen in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on December 5, 1945. Then disappear, after they reported seeing strange things and nonsense.
Not only the crew and the fuselage is missing, rescuers in charge of finding them was not found. Many versions about the Bermuda Triangle, some say in the oceans that contain methane gas which causes ships and planes disappeared beneath the sea sucked.

Some say, the Bermuda Triangle area has a gravitational field, causing the navigation device can not work. Also developed the theory, that the ships and planes were abducted by a UFO for crossing the base.
There is also a connecting link with the Bermuda Triangle of the Lost City of Atlantis, because the pyramid found on the seabed Bermuda Triangle. Also there is mention, that the triangle is the passage of time. In addition, the location of the Bermuda Triangle as the center of the meeting between the cold water flows from North America, with hot water flows from Africa - in the Atlantic Ocean is believed to be the devil's palace.
Also there who believe the Antichrist - who will raise the devil himself on the Day of Resurrection - currently living in the Bermuda Triangle until towards the end of time (VIVAnews).

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