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July 19, 2010


On June 6, 2001, in a resort town for the peski called Mikata, Japan, found an unusual reptile, the reptile is considered a mystical beast "Tsuchinoko", a legendary snake-shaped creature who first alluded to in the 8th century .

The creature was first mentioned in the "Kojiki", an ancient text to the 8th century, which is a oldest manuscript of the Japanese language in the world. Although many reported sightings of these creatures during the war period, but the report met with skepticism, considering that no one ever been captured for study.But everything changed, according to local government officials named Toshikazu Miyawaki, a creature who was later arrested by residents of Japan some time ago, was really the legendary creature. "We decided to let these animals adapt to their new environment." He said. Local government has built an enclosure for the animal.
According to previous reports, Tsuchinoko is a reptile that has a length of between 30cm - 80cm, with a bigger head and fangs that are poisonous. Thing that sets it apart from other snakes he squeaked like a mouse noises. "Considering these characteristics, we can ensure that the animal is properly Tsuchinoko," says Miyawaki. "When taken to the town hall, his body was really thick and short. Some people also heard the squeaky snake.

Mikata small town, often using animal sighting reports this as a material for the tourist attention puller. And in 1989, the mayor announced Tsujio Yoshida even contest with prizes of the land area of 330 m2 for anyone who could capture Tsuchinoko.

Miyawaki said that the animal was captured about 70 cm in length when arrested on June 6, 2001, now has grown up to one meter. After more than a week exhibited to the public inside a plastic aquarium, reptiles that looked tired. After his condition stabilized a new city government will consider how to examine the animal. Maybe by taking a DNA sample from the snake's body.   

So, take time for people who catch it, to receive the gift promised land. "Even if it turns out it was not Tsuchinoko animals, such animals still had not been found before in the world. I hope the species will be recognized by the world community. "Miyawaki said. 

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  1. first of all, that is not a reptile. reptiles have scales. second of all, the pic look pretty much like a fake. and last but not least, sorry for my bad english...