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August 5, 2010


Chilli is one of the basic ingredients for cooking flavor, usually bright red or dark green. If chili is split, then we will find in it a white stalk, which contains substances such as capsaicin is oil and stinging tongue taste cells. These substances lead to a spicy chili and hot on the tongue when we consume them. But this was also the substance that makes people addicted and addiction when eating food.

However, behind the taste sensation of spiciness are countless benefits and nutritional content of us who have not known before. Besides nutritious to increase your appetite also has other benefits for the body.
For example, in the sense of cayenne pepper spiciness remarkable, it contains vitamin C and beta-carotene (provitamin A) is said to be beat content in fruits like mangoes, pineapple, papaya or watermelon. Even according to the study, levels of minerals, especially calcium and phosphorus outperform fresh fish. Actually, among other types of chili peppers, red peppers contain vitamin C, the highest, until doubled.
Beta-carotene content was also, more superior compared with green pepper, nine times greater. Most beta-carotene content of sweet pepper is concentrated in the part near the skin.

The other benefits of chillies which are:

1. The wound healer 
If your finger accidentally cut during cooking, in general you will find a red medicine to heal. But even if you have member iodine on the wound, pain / pain remains a strong taste.
Another alternative, which not only prevents infection but also to relieve immediate pain and bleeding, thus speeding up the healing process is chili red. The trick, is dried and then crushed red pepper until smooth. 
After that spread on the wounds. Chili powder will not make you sore wounds. On the contrary, chili will quickly stop the pain and bleeding there. This is because the substance capsaicin in red chili, which eliminate pain. 

2. High fever reliever
Compared with conventional treatment, overcoming a high fever with chili is an alternative solution that is easy, cheap and fast. But that is not the fruit of chili, but chili leaves.
The trick, first took a handful of cayenne pepper leaves, then mashed until smooth. Add 1 tablespoon salad oil and mix both these ingredients until blended. After the glue mixture on the fontanel, or smeared on the whole body.
Use thick blankets to keep warm. Before long, the agency will issue a sweat, so body heat will rapidly decline.

3. Relieves colds and nasal congestion
Because chillies contain capsaicin which can thin the lenders, so that a clogged mucus in the nasal cavity and the exit will become watery. As a result, the nose becomes blocked again. This also applies to sinusitis and cough up phlegm.

4. Preventing Stroke
Chillies can minimize the risk of stroke, blood vessel obstruction, impotence, and coronary heart disease. Because, by consuming capsaicin blood regularly will keep the crust thin and fat in the blood vessels will not be formed. Thus, blood will flow smoothly. Thus, the chili is also efficacious to reduce the occurrence of blood clots (thrombosis).

5. Alleviate headaches and joint pain
Ever hear her advice if dizziness, eating spicy? Some truth to that advice, because the spicy flavor caused capsaicin can inhibit brain activity, while receiving sinyak pain from central nervous system. Inhibition of these signals travel will reduce the pain that we suffer.
Besides chili also efficacious to relieve migraine

6. Improve appetite
Because capsaicin can stimulate the production of the hormone endorphin, a hormone that is able to evoke feelings of pleasure and happiness. Thus, appetite increased.

7. Lowers cholesterol levels and as a natural antibiotic

8. Contains antioxidants
Which can be used to overcome infertility (infertility), an aphrodisiac, and slow the aging process.

Of all these properties we will get, if consumed in normal amounts, because if not exactly red pepper can cause severe stomach pain for those who consume it ...     

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