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August 5, 2010

Spruce or Pine

Spruce or pine is the tree of the family Pinaceae, we can find anywhere and anytime as long as the region's sandy calcareous soil, plenty of water or that have a fairly high acidity. We can find this tree starting from Siberia, Scotland, Norway, Spain's Canary Islands, the Philippines, arrived to the remote Himalayan mountains of New Zealand, Brazil and Chile.

This tree is famous, because it can live apart everywhere also have a very high selling power in the timber industry. All the pine trees can be used ranging from wood, sap, twigs, seeds until the leaves have economic value or usefulness of this tree really commercial 
Pine tree is one of long-lived trees because it can reach the age of around 100-1000 years, and even record to be the oldest tree in the world, through the pines of the species, Great Basin Bristlecone Pine (Pinus longaeva), who in 2008 was 4840 years old ! This tree is between 30-80 meters high, but the average height of 15-45 meters. The tallest tree species from the Sugar Pine, while the shortest is Potosi Pinyon pine and Siberian Dwarf Pine


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