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August 4, 2010

Alien residence has been found

Alien creatures known through the film, depicted the figure of the terrible shape, though similar to humans, but a lot of uniqueness. It turns out these creatures according to NASA really existed, there were about 400 planet even as their residence.This discovery by accident, when the Kepler spacecraft, NASA, looking for Earth-like planets, but instead found about 400 stars, which is thought as a place to live Alien among 156 thousand stars.
The discovery was announced by NASA as a result of the search space for 43 days by a team of researchers Kepler.

Kepler aircraft monitoring the star to see the change of light, and indicates the existence of an Alien planet passing through the earth.
"This is the most valuable data, the longest and largest of the set of photometry of stars," said David Koch, deputy principal investigator from Ames Research Center's mission, NASA, in Moffett Field, California, as quoted by Yahoo News.
He also warns that these findings will continue to grow closer and closer to the truth.

By measuring the decrease in the starlight, or in transit when the planet passed in front of them, astronomers can reduce the amount of the planet itself.
Based on these data, astronomers have discovered more than 400 planets might be inhabited by aliens, around the stars in the solar system. This includes six new discovery by French observers, which was announced earlier this week.


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