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August 4, 2010

Blank World's Tallest Building

If Dr. Evil is real, he would need a hiding place, and the most likely hiding place is Ryugyong Hotel in Pyongyang, North Korea. This giant monolith has 105 floors, but without any windows. Height is 330 meters the hotel, has 3000 rooms, and planned to have seven restaurants and round, but unfortunately was never completed.

Many newspapers, which estimates the cost of construction amounted to $ 750 million - 2% of the domestic income of North Korea - and its construction stopped in 1992 due to lack of fees, less electricity, and starvation. The building itself was finished, but do not have windows, equipment and other supplies - that make it as Blank World's Tallest Building! Actually, this building is the tallest building in North Korea and the 18th highest in the world, and if construction is completed, it will become the world's tallest hotel.

After 18 years the hotel is coming to life again. Egypt's Orascom Group has started to renew the floor of the tower. The company has put glass panels in the framework of concrete and installed telecommunications antennas. The cost is estimated at $ 2 million to complete the hotel, equivalent to 10% of North Korea's domestic revenues. 

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