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August 3, 2010

Mosquito catcher Records

A Taiwanese woman grabbed the world record as a catcher mosquito, unmitigated, four million mosquitoes in a month. She was also rewarded a cash prize worth £ 1900.
Huang Yuyen, from Yunlin in southern Taiwan area, beat 72 rivals in the contest which was held catch mosquitoes Imbictus International, a manufacturer of insect traps. Telegraph, Monday (2 / 8), reported that the total weight of mosquitoes caught up to 1.5 kilograms. Huang achieved the number is more than double his nearest rival captured.

Imbictus International has sent a proposal to the Guinness World Records for Huang requested that achievement is recognized as a world record.
Mosquitoes become the main danger of Taiwan public health, particularly as the carriers of malaria until the year 1965 before eradicated malaria mosquitoes on the island. But until now still dangerous mosquitoes, especially in the spread of dengue fever

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