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August 6, 2010

Rainbow Rose...

Rainbow roses, spectacular, have been sold in Britain for the first time.
Non-artificial flowers, also known as the flower of happiness, created through an innovative process where life colored plant extracts are injected into the stem. Amazing!
Rainbow roses are available in Britain for the first time. This interest was created when the rose farmers from Holland and FJ Zandbergen & Zn join.

The extract works as a colorant, and which is drawn into the petals to produce a colorful life.
Happy Roses are created when a Dutch farmer and FJ Zandbergen & Zn joined forces to try to create the perfect flower gift.
Previously unobtainable in Britain, rose sellers Interrose now bring tremendous interest to the UK market. They can be purchased online at Interrose.co.uk.
This rainbow rose flower, it costs £ 24.49, the price of a dozen of these colorful flowers £ 64.87.


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